About Us

TNB Naturals is a company from British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦 mostly known for our natural CO2 generator called "The Enhancer". 
"The Enhancer" is the highest performing natural CO2 generator on the market today. Perfect for any indoor garden or grow room. High and usable levels of CO2 with no added equipment that can bring 30-50% higher yields! 

We also have the Refill Pack available for The Enhancer, which has the same contents in a smaller recyclable pack. At approximately 1/2 the price of The Enhancer, you can refill the original bottle to save money. This makes adding CO2 to your room even more affordable, plus it cuts down on waste.
Recently our New granular pH UP & DOWN is also getting great feedback in the marketplace. An all-natural granular way to manage your pH, that doesn't harm the beneficial bacteria! Safe for Aquaponics!

Please view our full line of innovative products designed with the grower in mind. For more information on TNB Naturals and our products, please review our products sections.


Our products are available at your local garden supply store and available through our distribution partners all around the World.

Green Planet  

  Great Lakes Garden Wholesale


 Grotech Distribution UK


 BioFloral Canada


BioFloral USA


  Hyalite NZ







 Himalayan Crafts  






Culture Indoor


BFG Supply



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