The Power of pH

pH scale
The Power of pH

What is pH?

In basic terms, pH describes the acidity or alkalinity that a substance has. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, where the lower the number means the substance is more acidic and the higher numbers mean it is more alkaline. A pH of 7.0 is considered neutral. When the number is below 7.0 it is considered acidic, and when it is above 7.0 it is basic, also called alkaline. PH takes a measurement of the free hydrogen ions in the solution, and that is how the number is determined. When more hydrogen ions are present, the number is lower (more acidic). It is important to note when changing between pH values that it is increasing or decreasing by a multiple of 10. The graphic below showcases this. This means the difference between a pH of 5 and 4, for example, is more significant than a difference of 1 unit. 


Why pH is Important

Nutrient Availability 

Nutrient Availability Chart


Nutrient availability is one of the more important things to consider with pH. Each nutrient has an optimal pH at which it is most available. The graphic above does a good job of displaying these important nutrients for plants and where they are most available. At both extremes of the pH scale, you find that some nutrients are very available, but the majority are not. This sweet spot at around 6.5 is when all nutrients are best available. This is important to understand because in some cases the nutrient deficiency being displayed on the plant could be due to the availability, not lack of the nutrient. 

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